Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter White

//winter white

Winter White (c) 2000 by Elizabeth Southwood

She glides down the aisle,
rustling in white lace which streams
like snow through midnight.

As her foremothers did.

He raises her lace veil.
They touch cool lips in a kiss,
a sacred promise.

As her foremothers did.

Silver bells chime in
icy air. Cold gold wedding
rings ring chill fingers.

As her foremothers’ did.

She aims her bouquet,
made of fresh garden snowdrops,
at laughing bridesmaids.

As her foremothers did.

Dressed in winter white,
they duck showers of bird seed
as they run through snow.

As her foremothers did.


A kiss is so small,
but can flame like forest fires
when the match is lit.

When I could not sleep,

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