Thursday, December 6, 2007

Upside Down

//upside down

The holly growing in our garden
With berries the birds haven’t eaten
Makes Yule decoration
When in combination
With ivy native to Old England.
There was a sailor who loved roses,
In gardens, in bouquets, near noses.
He covered a sailboat
With roses, for a float,
Perfumed a parade behind horses.
An unwavering water skier
shot on one ski through calm dawn water.
Said a novice to her,
Thinking to reassure,
“You’ll be up on two skis by summer.”

-16 -
There was a young man lived on two Capes:
Cape Cod and Cape Town, charming seascapes.
He traveled forth and back,
Was hard put to unpack,
Before finding it time to change Capes.
- 17 -
There once was an athlete whose caption
Might well have read if he had had one
That he played ball with heart,
And embodied the art
Of results being achieved by action.
- 18 -
Sunny Sundays he spends in his yard,
The afternoons working to retard
The throttling of the seeds,
By the plentiful weeds

He digs, pulling them out by the yard.

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