Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Bellyflower Tanka Trio -- GOLD HON MENTION AUG. 8, 1997
Crickets look down at
bellyflowers, daphne-pink
or daffodil-gold.
In sun-drenched fields, shady lawns,
the puddles of color show.

For bellyflowers
to be seen, it’s said around
here, you must be prone.
If you’re alone, prone, looking,
you might elicit looks too.

I use a thimble
when I place bellyflowers
in a vase. Bonsai
trees with some planted in moss -
like spring in the Sierras.

When I was swimming
in the ocean one day near
Pollock Rip, a fish
swam by and then a big ship.

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