Thursday, December 6, 2007

Remember Rain

//remember rain

Hoping for Rain

The reservoirs are empty,
we’re advised when to flush the john,
take sponge baths instead of showers,
gray-water poor, forlorn flowers,
and fined for overuse of miniscule
amounts of alloted water.

I remember
how, like pebbles, rain plopped circles
in silver puddles and ponds,
formed winter brooks that streamed in torrents
down greening hills,
and gushed down gutters thatching
rust-colored pine needles into clumps.
Rain glossed leaves,
crystal-beaded berries,
blacked boughs,
and rinsed the air ‘til it was so fresh,
it smelled sweet as a daffodil.

Once again I long to see
the silver-beaded veils on windows,
to hear, warm in bed,
drumming rain overhead,
the plonking of rain off the eaves.
I want steamy kitchen windows,
even dark, wet logs on the woodpile,
purring wet cats wrapped in dry towels,
wet, doggy-smelling dogs shaking water around,
and you coming in past glowing gold wrought-iron lanterns,
rainwater on your face and shoulders,
gleaming like the “I’m home,”
light in your eyes.

I hope the burning glaring sun
will soon succumb
to damp, mist, clouds, fog and rain.

Rain glossed leaves, crystal-
beaded berries, blacked boughs, swept
air with hyacinths.

i can go on because of you.
because of hyacinths.

rain crystal-beaded
berries, glossed leaves, blacked boughs, brushed
air with hyacinth.

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