Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Parkinson Haikus

//parkinsons haikus

by Elizabeth Southwood

She sees stars glow, leaves
drift - nerve cells desert her like
sunlight in winter.

A woman struggles,
cannot turn over. Tears soak
into her pillow.

Tears sneak down her cheeks.

One foot is arched like
a flamenco dancer's back -
the pain exquisite.

She clicked castanets,
stamped her feet, with pride tossed her
head - now stumbles, falls.

Her graceful hands told
of love, of rainbows, the sea -
now they can't shape leis.

She pinned and sewed clothes
for her children and their bears -
can't button slacks now.

She cooked gourmet style,
like Julia and Fanny - stopped
when she could not taste.

She sat in lotus,
calm as on a lily pad -
a brain storm shook her.

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