Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A New Year Eve's Kiss

//new year's eve kiss

New Year’s Eve Kiss

Nobody knows it's '97
on this whirling world, up in heaven,
it's only on this earth the New Year
is a big deal, you have to be here.
In heaven, they've arrived, they are there,
about the New Year they do not care.
Heaven's surely our paradigm.
We all hope to be let in sometime.
Time is endless, also brief, timeless.
But we are aware, and try to compress
rapidly speeding time which goes faster,
wear watches to avoid disaster,
like not sharing a kiss on the chime
of midnight, drinking a toast old-time.
While they float about in heavenly bliss,
down here on earth, we toast and we kiss,
with evident joy proclaim a New Year.
Actually, I'm glad to still be here,
though the folks in heaven, it is clear,
share in the bliss of a kiss all year.

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