Wednesday, December 5, 2007

New Dress

//new dress

You should look like a poet,
wherever you go,
I read somewhere
in a book of
advice to poets.
How do poets dress?
I do not know.
In a black velvet beret
and flowing white silk blouse,
Usually I go to three or so
stores, try on
a few dresses,
decide my jeans
and silver earrings
will do after all.
stepping off a store escalator,
I saw a plain and simple dress.
It was my size,
it was my blue,
my length,
my material,
unpressed linen.
I fell in love
and put it on.
Three salesladies
“It’s your color.”
“It fits you perfectly.”
“It looks wonderful.”
It’s true.
I feel like a poet,
in my dress of linen, blue.

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