Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nature Tankas

//nature tankas

Is April hiding?
A cold wind blows from the north.
In spite of the chill,
the old honey locust is
crowned with a lettuce-green mist.

Water thrusts this way,
a luge of hot Pacific
current, El Nino,
bringing us mudslides, chilly
houses, snow-white Coleman light.
A possum runs in
the ditch by the road as I
jog. I hear rustling
leaves. Later, he peeps through our
window as we watch TV.
Bellyflower Tanka Trio -- GOLD HON MENTION AUG. 8, 1997
Crickets look down at
bellyflowers, daphne-pink
or daffodil-gold.
In sun-drenched fields, shady lawns,
the puddles of color show.
For bellyflowers
to be seen, it’s said around
here, you must be prone.
If you’re alone, prone, looking,
you might elicit looks too.

I use a thimble
when I place bellyflowers
in a vase. Bonsai
trees with some planted in moss -
like spring in the Sierras.

When I was swimming
in the ocean one day near
Pollock Rip, a fish
swam by and then a big ship.

A countrified, musical lady
Hummed Bach in a glade that was shady.
Lo, a rattlesnake came.
She was heard to exclaim,
“The snake’s got my hum, I’m a fraidy.”
A miss with a narcissistic thing
Meditated early each morning.
She placed a large mirror
Where no one could see her
And peeked at herself while reflecting.
An angular, jocular spinster
Liked bells from the Abbey Westminster.
Her cat hated the same
Though he loved the old dame.
Also, given catnip he nipped her.

- 22 -
Bridge is our first-Friday anchorage.
Old friends, cards, tallies, our equipage.
The Jacoby transfer
Used by adventurers --
For it, I need an interpreter.
- 23 -
Pencils are sharp, and cards are put out.
Beneath a bed the cat keeps lookout.
Ladies are arriving,
All of them surviving
By sharing, letting it all hang out.
- 24 -
A “Venus” like the Botticelli
played bridge when visiting in Delhi.
Her problem was this one:
She found that everyone
thought she had come from a pearl shelly.

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