Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nature At Christmas

//nature at christmas

Winter, with its holly green,
showers sweep in from the sea,
windblown with a glossy sheen

Christmas tree of evergreen,
everybody’s warmed by tea,
winter with its holly green

Inside the house, festive scene
everybody hums with glee
windblown with a glossy sheen

The rain is through, sky’s serene
children think about their booty
winter, with its holly green.

Dusk falls early, stars pale green,
A gold-coin glows shinily.
windblown with a glossy sheen.

Showers swept across the canyon
from the sea all day, beating on the
pale, blue-green eucalyptus trees across the way.
Our cat, briefly outside, drank rainwater from
fallen magnolia petals and leaves.
Now the rain is through, the sky the blue
of Mary’s robe.
A nearly full moon’s pale gold,
next to angel-wing-shaped,
pale-apricot clouds,
winter sunset
over San Francisco Bay.
Gold lights string beads
bay canyon holly green red gold
on the far shore.

By our front door rose and cream magnolia blooms.
There are pomegranite-colored roses nodding by the wall,
hot-pink flowering quince on the other side of the patio.
The yard, the hills, everything’s green,
fresh, fragrant.
Bermuda Buttercups nod,
Christmas stars in the grass,
which will soon be
a mass of gold.

The holly’s dark green
with shiny red berries,
the ivy’s ready to come
The house, pretty now as a
Christmas bride, bright
with lights, a creche,
and tree,
but most of all filled
with love - our family.

The sun reflect across the Bay
turning windows to gold
and holly leaves are shiny red
like buttons on prickly green holly

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