Thursday, December 6, 2007

Honey Locust Spring


When spring arrives here every year,
like a miracle, overnight
honey locust blossoms appear,
twin to wisteria, but white.

Their sweet scent wafts through my bedroom
screens, clustered blooms, white caps on a
sea of green leaves. The flower-bloom
makes of the tree a big bouquet.

The newborn leaves, a soft, spring green
in the purity of morning
light, have a luminescent sheen.
The breeze sends them to-and-fro-ing.

Bees drift, mobiles brushing each bloom.
The tree is vibrant with their hum.
Birds trill, squawk, and coo as they zoom
about, to twigs and branches come.

Once in a while during the day
I step outside to stand below
the tree, breathe deep, watch flowers sway.
I’m high, my delight overflows.

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