Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Haiku New Spring Moon

//haiku new spring mooon

Variations on a Haiku - New Spring Moon

. star, moon and sky

1 Silver moon sliver -
bait for gold starfish - dangles
above at midnight.

2 The Golden Gate bridge
shrouded in soft, snowy-fog --
the eclipsed moon too.

Alpenglow on hills -
across blue glass Bay, fades in
shadows - pink clouds drift.

Cold rain slants swiftly,
the Bay is dreary, mud slides
destroy, sky is gray.

Sun warms, heat rises,
sawing is heard. The people
are building again.

It feels strange to have
what you’re used to, gone, but you
have to try - or die.

San Francisco fog
- soft white glacier on blue Bay -
obliterates sky.

Silver sliver of
moon seems to dangle gold star
on brave PDP.

own nest and you begrudge him
a branch to light on.


Graveyard Haiku Octet

1. Brass Rubbings

Dark brass grave markers
by medieval artists,
rubbed for copies, glow.

2. Hallowe’en Creep

A skeletal hand
creeps from a dank, moldy box -
writhing worms are next.

3. Mounds of earth

Ravens on tree boughs
caw at the gravediggers when
the graves are emptied.

4. Not Moi!

Hallowe’en in the
graveyard: floating ghosts wait for
- teeheeheehee - us.

5. Peace

A mental patient’s
parents kneel by his green grave,
pray he is at peace.

6. Suicide

Shunned in the graveyard
for not toughing it out - or
praised for quitting - well???


A tiny windblown
Christmas tree by a small grave -
only tears will come.

8. Picnic

She feasts her eyes on
sea and trees near where she’ll lie
one day - forever.

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