Thursday, December 6, 2007

A Green And White Summer Night


I glance through the screen door
at the shadowy courtyard as I walk by,
then pause, struck by the sight
of fir-green and cloud-white
trees, flowers, and bushes in the dusky light.
A feeling of minty coolness
washes over me, like
skinny dipping late at night.

In the corner, Japanese irises, like white butterflies
among lawn-green rushes, sway gently.
Snowy buds, the size of ceremonial candles,
thrust up from honey-tinted green satin leaves
on the sturdy luxuriant magnolia tree
whose branches spread
between the fluttering flowers
and me in the open doorway.
A breeze ruffles my hair; robins chant evensong.
The white blossoms and buds, as green disappears,
float mobile-like, in darkening night.
I breathe deeply of evening air rich
with star jasmine fragrance.
I am carried away by the courtyard's fresh beauty.

I tuck the memory away
of this refreshing summer night
of green and white. It is years since we skinny dipped,
floating like white blossoms at midnight,
in the chilly black water of Lake Cobbosacontee.

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