Thursday, December 6, 2007

Great Expectations

Great expectations.

There once was a wife somewhat older
Than the spouse she loved to embrace her.
When by old age beset,
She managed not to fret,
But never sat beside young neighbors.
-14 -
Our new Shetland sheep dog, a puppy,
Was attacked by a Silicon flea,
Those natives that inflict
Itchy bites that afflict
Newcomers who move to the Valley.
- 15 -
A Celt once got stuck in a big bog,
Below an ancient, heavy black log.
A Samaritan’s push,
While onlookers called, “Mush,”
Helped him squirm out like a polliwog.

There was a lioness maternal,
Whose appetite was quite infernal.
An eland she did chase,
And quickly won the race
And soon that eland was internal.
There once was a hiker named Otto
Who bumped his poor head in a grotto.
It was an awful clout
that briefly knocked him out.
He bled, his head red as tomato.
There was an old kitty smelled yummy.
The pads of her paws were all gummy.
She chewed gum night and day
To her owner’s dismay,
And gum was balled up in her tummy.

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