Wednesday, December 5, 2007



nobody red,
nobody brown,
or yellow, black,
or white

chiengspa the language,
faces, blue glass
eyes, qwerty
oriented brains

chairs that jerk so
blood circulates
avoiding cramps.
Wrists that detach
so new ones can
be fitted to
relieve the pain
of a sprain or
Waterseats hot
waterseats cold
to relieve bed-
sores from sitting
morning to mid-
night, in front of
the internet.
Jumbo wheels that
fit on your legs
rolling you on
stairs or freeway
or landing field
or to your bed.
Your own capsule
to protect you
from crashes of
A whiz machine
that puts you where
you want to be
All the sleep in
10 minutes you’ll
need for a night
with injections
of REM,
a mate that’s pro-
grammed to meet your
measurements too.
Everything will
be recycle-
able, includ-
ing you, inside
of you, will spew
into a new,
updated you

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