Thursday, December 6, 2007

Anything Goes

//anything goes

Getting Well

There are many cures
or directions to take,
when faced with a problem of health.
I can see hints, supposedly,
of what is coming up for me
from the I Ching or Tarot,
and, hopefully, make it go
away, today. If it does not,
I read frequently, I can treat anything
with homegrown herbs:
make a comfrey compress,
for example,
for a broken bone,
it says in Culpeper or Grieves.
Then, again, there are the stones.
If you tuck rose quartz in your pocket
a friend told me, it will abet
or cause a cure.
I can have a massage
to remove stress,
but the stress of the cost
would make me nervous.
Some have their feet studied,
or shoulders kneaded
to calm nerves,
walk mazes
buy a new hat,
take up a hobby,
be hypnotized, talk,
go for regular walks,
talk about Gestalt,
play tennis,
take up golf,
try tai chi,
do TM,
or live Zen,
go on a sea voyage,
drink a hot toddy,
take a nap,
eat chocolate,
laugh themselves silly,
go to a 12-step group or several,
lie about in mud baths,
analyze their parents’ mistakes,
load up on antioxidants,
drink green tea,
fast periodically,
drink healing water from Welsh-
spring style fountains,
write illnesses
down on slips of paper
and tie them to a close-by tree,
What a variety
of healing options is open to me.
if I have the need.
I expect to stick with the one
who tells me to take two aspirins
and call in the morning.
And my prayer tree.

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